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Complete more high level work with M•Trac©!

Your Own Personal Management
 Information System

M-Trac© is not just another appointment book. . . it is not a Daytimer nor is it a scan card system. M-Trac© is an entire management efficiency system in one small handbook designed to maximize the use of time and resources for you and your people. It is incredibly easy to use. It is like having an efficiency expert with you all of the time. By having your key people on this system, you will all be talking the same language. There is no other system in existence that can do what M-Trac© can do to improve your overall management efficiency.

When you use M-Trac©, it becomes your personal assistant and performs the following tasks for you. It is your daily organizer helping you prioritize everything you do. It makes sure you are spending your time doing the important things for you and your business. It helps you organize each day one at a time for maximum efficiency and productivity. It keeps important items constantly in front of you where they should be:

- It is your project control center tracking all projects from beginning to end. . . helping you garner all of the right people & resources for the right jobs, plus keep everyone and everything on "trac".

- It is your delegator, making sure you get the jobs into the hands of the people who should be doing them. It will help you track their progress from start to finish. It will improve your accountability dramatically.

- Because your business is so revenue intensive, M-Trac© has a section to help you stay focused on revenue production for a serious part of each day. It will help you focus on revenue producing phone calls, marketing, collections, and other revenue producing activities.

- It becomes your permanent accountability document for all of the people you supervise. There will be no more questions as to who is supposed to do what and when.

 - It is your perpetual phone diary to keep records of all phone conversations for current and future use.

- It is your assistant bookkeeper. . . keeps track of all of the key items on a daily & monthly basis.

- There is even a reference section that you can build for the purpose of quick referencing of materials to be used for training staff, answering questions, problem solving, or any other usage that may help you to be more productive.

- Besides all of these features, inside your M-Trac© you will always have a note pad for meetings, a yearly planner, a weekly planner, a phone-book with quick reference for commonly called numbers, and a whole host of other features that will make your entire life more productive.